Baby Room (Snowdrops)

This is our baby room with ages from 3-12 months, situated on the ground floor. This is a bright and airy room. We supply cots with fresh linen daily, highchairs and rockers and a wide variety of toys. Your baby will receive complete support from all the staff and we understand that your baby has a routine for eating and sleeping. All of this will be recorded to ensure we always meet your childs needs.

Daisy Room

This room is for children between the ages of 1-2 years, situated on the first floor. It is a large, bright, airy room, with access to the garden via stairs. The children in this area have a well planned programme of activities that ensures they have plenty of opportunities to develop both physically and mentally, dance activities, singing songs, story time, outdoor play, sensory play ie, feeling different textures, the fun is endless.

Bluebells Room

This room is for children between the ages 2-3 years, situated on the first floor. We offer experiences and activities that make the transition from Bluebells to ‘Preschool’ easier. Many more educational activities are introduced into the daily routine, and we encourage children to develop their independence and ability to problem solve, promote positive thinking and self motivate. Through structured activities children will have the opportunity to experience and achieve all the learning outcomes set within the foundation phase.

Pre-school Room (Tigerlillies)

This is our pre-school room for 3-5 year olds, situated on ground floor with direct access to the garden. In this room our children continue to enhance their development in the seven key areas which prepares them for a smooth and happy transition to primary school. Preschool is the last stop on your child’s journey through the nursery.

Whilst it is very important to prepare a child for the school curriculum and beyond, it is also important to remember there are many facets to each child that need to be nurtured and encouraged.

We promote a natural and stimulating environment both inside and out to allow children the time to explore the world around them at their own pace.

In pre-school we hold Spanish and Italian lessons once a week this is led by one of our staff, therefore is free. 

At an additional cost, we have a Super Star Sports teacher that comes in and teaches the children exciting games and activities. Not only are the sessions engaging and fun, but they build children’s confidence and self-esteem through positive feedback and inspiring affirmations. 

Prices are available when you visit for a showround and we will endeavour to accommodate your needs